Peng Changyi said with a smile:“why?”
“A secretary got the order of the leaders wrong,I didn’t pay attention,Found by Director Fan,Just trained me。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Nothing said,Just walk out with that Chief Guo。
Ranking of leading cadres,Has always been a deep political science,It is also a political weather vane。Top ranked leaders,Power is important。It’s the same order as the actors in the Spring Festival Gala,Directly determine the cost of playing when you go。and so,Such a serious problem will definitely be criticized if something goes wrong,Bigger means political accident。
“You also work overtime?”Chief Guo asked。
Peng Changyi said:“No,Get something at the office。Well,you busy,I’m down。”
Peng Changyi didn’t say where to go home or where to go,Working in the agency for so long,He has learned to say ambiguous things with the minister。
Officialdom,Learning to say ambiguous words is like mastering an exclusive weapon。
sometimes,He thinks ambiguous words are the most artistic。This kind of language art is not only for small people like him,Has great benefits,It also has a strong artistic meaning even when placed on the leader,Can even rise to political art。
Since working in the agency,That is to enter the officialdom,And the first step to enter officialdom is to learn the rules,Learn the rules of being a lad。
Officialdom is an ethical,Speak the rules,Speak grade,Special workplace where order is concerned,You only have to learn to follow these rules,In order to advance and retreat freely in this special workplace,Thus step by step。
The most important rule Peng Changyi needs to talk about right now is to leave quickly。
The secretary as the head of organization is also the chief of staff,Peng Changyi couldn’t get in touch with people from other departments, especially those from the municipal party committee.,Not to communicate publicly,This is an official taboo。
Although there is no express provision,But it’s a convention。Because everyone knows,The people in charge of these two departments have always been at odds。
Just when he was downstairs,I accidentally met Gao Tieyan, the deputy mayor。
Gaotieyan is walking upstairs,He quickly stepped aside,Said:“Mayor Gao,Hello。”
Gao Tieyan looked up and saw Peng Changyi,Say:“Xiao Peng,You haven’t gone back?I’ll go upstairs。”