‘’Still lie,Give you one more chance,Truthfully where did it come from?‘’Chen Ling’s tone is slightly majestic!
Chapter 3 Where is the Beautiful Woman 8
‘’Second sister,This really…true,‘’Chen Tong looked up slightly,I glanced at my second sister with the light of my eyes。
‘’I have heard your conversation in Xiaozhulin just now,Still want to quibble,I have to see the coffin without crying, right??‘’
‘’You follow us?Why is this?‘’
‘’Why?Did you forget the note you wrote last time?,I want to supervise you all the time,Perform my duties!‘’
‘’Second sister。this time,I don’t want……Yes‘’
‘’Don’t quibble,Legs long on you,No one will force you if you don’t go,I’m so disappointed in you!‘’
‘’Second sister,give me one more chance,I must change!‘’
‘’I won’t believe what you said,I want to tell dad!‘’
‘’do not,I really knew I was wrong,I will listen to you from now on,it’s OK,Second sister。‘’
‘’I dare not be,You never remember what you said,Forgot the next day。‘’
Chen Tong got the first whip in his life,He gritted his golden crown,Did not shout,He knew that the pleading at this time would look pale!
Chapter 3 Where is the Beautiful Woman 9
‘’You stubborn,I didn’t repent of the last lesson,This time it got worse,jerk……‘’