“Usually perform pure beauties,It turned out to be nothing in private。”
“I heard her agent likes to take artists to meet big guys,I guess she wants to go ashore,That’s why I found Teacher Shen。”
“so,How blind is Teacher Shen,That’s why she fell in love with her。”
Lu Shanshan is used to rumors,But she is still upset。Even if Shen Zhiyue doesn’t love her someday,But it won’t hurt her,He will still treat her as a friend。
Yuan Shu saw Lu Shanshan sitting alone,He walked over to say hello。
“Miss Lu hasn’t seen you in a long time,How are you doing?”
Lu Shanshan looked at the man in front of him,She muttered in her heart,When did she meet him?He seems to know himself very well。
“Hello Mr. Yuan,Thanks for caring,Today’s exchange will be grand,Very honored to participate。”
Yuan Shu saw her stiff,Can’t help but feel funny。After a while,There are rumors about her and Shen Zhiyue again on the Internet,Yuan Shu’s interest in Lu Shanshan has been very low,But I saw her acting only as promised,I feel a little interesting。
“Miss Lu is always so polite,Didn’t you borrow a place from me last time to shoot?,You thanked me for a long time,I’m sorry。Actually, I know your father very well,From now on we will be considered a family,Don’t be frustrated。”
Lu Shanshan has a bigger greeting。He knows his father very well?He and she are family?
Lu Shanshan feels she can’t turn her head。The years when she and Shen Zhiyue exchanged souls,What else did Shen Zhiyue do??
When Lu Shanshan was thinking of letting Shen Zhiyue eat slippers tonight,Yuan Shu asked。
“Miss Lu don’t mind,I want to ask you a question,The question is more private,Hope you don’t mind。”
Lu Shanshan nodded:“You said。”
Yuan Shu is all about it,Even if she hears the questions she doesn’t want to answer,,Also have to answer,At most unimportant。
“You and the popular star Shen Zhiyue are lovers?I also like his play,If you have a chance,Hope you can help me get a signature。”
Lu Shanshan muttered in her heart,You a boss,Ask Shen Zhiyue to have to pass me to sign?How am I?。
“Ha ha,he and I······Count as friends。As for the signature,I will help you when I have time。No problem。”