He actually traded a fool?
Larry·Bird feels bitter,He knew that after the deal was completed,Fans will not scold Xu Xuan,I just think he is blind.
But in line with all the basic principles that satisfy Xu Xuan,Larry·Bird still gritted his teeth and swallowed the contract,Not only that,He also worked well and signed free agent JaVale·McGee。
This time the two are only at the bottom of Xu Xuan’s list,But even the last one is an explanation to Xu Xuan。
“Eh?You said.Did Xu Xuan do it on purpose??He didn’t even think about winning this time?That’s why he opened such a list to me?”
Larry·Bird thought of a possibility。
Kevin next to·Pritchard was taken aback,Then immediately nodded:“It’s really possible for you to say that.”
“Xu Xuan feels that he has to settle down for another year,Maybe he put the goal of winning the championship until next season?”
“That’s right!Then everything makes sense.”
Larry·Bird thinks something might be wrong,But otherwise,Is there any reasonable explanation??
“fair enough,Make room for salary this year,First steady,Pull the accelerator to the end next year and fuck him!”
Thinking of Durant’s contract expiring next year,Larry·Bird’s heart is hot。
If the Pacers can sign Durant next year,That can form Xu Xuan+Pickled peppers+Durant’s Super Big Three.
The picture is so dreaming that you can wake up with a smile。