Although most of them don’t understand,But they know,As long as it’s on the newsxPositive news,No matter how they reprint and praise,Don’t hurry up,What are you waiting for?
This is also not meager Shen Huan,Otherwise, his meagerness would have been squeezed by these celebrities。
Of course,Among a group of appreciation,There are still many other voices。
“Although I’ve been eating on the Internet,And it doesn’t mean to look down on the Internet。But I still have to say something to you all,Mr. Shen Huan’s achievements this time,Is near20Years since,Great progress that even mathematicians in our country can’t make!
As a former mathematics student,I sincerely admire his talent,And his serious research!A genius like this,Use your mind on entertainment like writing songs,It is a crime against the future of human science and technology!I hope he can return to the field of mathematics in the future,Make more contributions to us humans!”
This sentence is a meager celebrity、Always wise、Comment on things sharply and fairly“One meter”Said。
His words,The following comments gradually increased。
“Although I don’t understand,But Master Mi said it seems to make sense。”
“Come on!Don’t want to be a saint there,What does Sister Xiaofeng want to do?,Need you to help him decide?”
“Just!Sister Xiaofeng is so smart,He won’t know what to do?”
“Several upstairs,I’m afraid you don’t know what it is《Journal of the American Mathematical Society》,This is in mathematics《cell》、《natural》with《biological》what!Only published annually32Papers,There are tens of thousands of mathematics scholars worldwide,You can imagine the difficulty of publishing papers on it!Even they have to admit Shen Huan’s thesis results,One can imagine Shen Huan’s talent on this!and so‘One meter’Just said that!”
“The most important person16year old,If you continue to study carefully,He is the next Einstein in mathematics!You guys tell me,If our country has an Einstein,How great achievements will be made in science?How many years in advance will you stand on top of the world again?”
“Hey Hey hey,Enough!Put the burden of the whole country on one person,Do you think it fits?Isn’t this forcing Sister Xiaofeng to be a hero??What age is it,Still use righteousness to suppress people like this?”
“Yes,I also agree with the statement upstairs!anything,As long as it’s not the stage of life and death,It takes others willingly!You decide for Sister Xiaofeng,Isn’t he very pitiful in his life?”
Arguing,Not only“One meter”Meager。
Even in various fields,On the wine table、At dinner、Above the cafe,There are countless people discussing this matter。
Hua Guo15Billion people,A mathematician,Even a world-class mathematician,That’s normal,Nothing strange。