Le Zhenxi is shocked,A tablet that grabbed her hands,Quickly browse the news。
“asshole!”Le Zhenxi angry hammer is on the tablet,Screen。
“what”Dream is shocked,A face of meat,“President,Balance is the other party,Not my tablet ,You are my tablet,I am new to me.,I have two months of salary.,you.You pay me。”
Dream soft encouragement,This temper,I can’t hurt myself again.。
She is really hard in a workman.。
“sorry,I am really hard to calm.。”Le Zhenxi is very angry,Bone-changing big hands grasp。
“hehe……”Ambulous laugh,“fine,The president, you are paying me one.。”
Le Zhenxi looked at her and laughed out,Be with anger:“dare you laugh,Blue is now very worried about me。”
“what……”Dream soft,“Are you so big, is it worried??Just clarified on our company’s marketing number,I don’t know if there is any use?”
Le Yu Xi is gloomy,“Of course it is useless,Do so,Just want to destroy the blue blue,You can’t explain a sentence.?”
Le Zhenxi said,Colden eyes look at the computer,Released a message in Leg’s Group’s official website。
His news,In contact with the marketing number you know, forward his post。
Finish everything,Give Blue Xin WeChat。
[Blue,Online things you don’t care。]Blue Xin is just let Luhao into the driving recorder on the car.。
NS1891chapter Evidence is here
Blue Xin received WeChat,Back back to a sentence:[Xi Xi,Do not worry about me,I am fine.,Don’t think too much。]
Le Zhenxi:[Uh-huh!Blue,do not worry,I will clarify the http://www.sankikeiso.cn facts.,Never let go of each other。]
“President,What should we do now?Do you want us to open a press conference?,This thing is because of me.。”Dream is very guilty,How can these people maliciously speculate someone else’s kindness?。
Le Zhenxi looked at her,The clear eyes is full of guilt。
Girl very young,When recruiting,When he saw the person I saw,I feel that she feels very comfortable.。
Several results are not used by her excellent.,But hired her。
I think she is simply,Will there be a special idea?,It turns out that his idea is good.,This girl is simply ,Work is also very hard,There is also a certain strength。
His previous assistant returned to the family because they were married。
“you……Is it really willing??”Le Zhenxi looked at her。
“Why don’t you want it?,This matter is originally those who say http://www.jialitao.cn hello,We have evidence,Truth,Why are you afraid of them??”Dream soft voice,After returning last night,She checked the Blue Xin。
Actually the president of the Lu Group。
She is really too lucky.,Women can talk to their favorite designers.。
pity,Her design clothes,She can’t afford it!
Casually encountered her on the road,She can delay the time to send her to the hospital.,Absolutely a good person。
And she also found that she was framed every time.,I have a gossip before and president,Just this time。
Rummy is terrible,True to kill people’s heart,She hates people who take other people to laugh。
These people can’t let go this way。“Ah,President,What are you waiting for?Lan Xin sister is the most injured person,She is my favorite designer,Can’t let her sad,You are a child, Dad is impossible.,This kind of thing is http://www.1tijian.cn hurting is always a woman.。

Looking at Le Zhenxi hesitated,She doesn’t understand what he is hesitant.?
Le Zhenxi looked at her,A fearless,Finally, I am grateful:“Dream assistant,Thank you.,I will call the media now.,I will clarify with you.,you are right,This thing is hurt or blue。”
“I always want to protect her.,But I have been hurting her.。”
He gets up,Laugh:“Let it go 。”
“Uh-huh。”Dream,How do you feel that he is particularly sad at this time?。