Single theory,Patriarch Bud, who can be regarded as the peak of the palace lord, may be one level higher than Wright。
But on the strength of divine power,Wright’s fusion power is ten times stronger than that of Patriarch Bard。
On Weapons,The artifact in the hands of Patriarch Bard is not too special,It’s just a relatively strong upper-level artifact。And the spear in Wright’s hand,But it’s a level beyond the upper artifact,On the types of weapons,Wright also has the advantage。
Under the advantage,Chief Bard’s crazy attack,Seems to beat Wright back again and again。But in fact,Wright’s defense is easy,One to one,Patriarch Bard’s material attacks are no longer a threat to him。
And no one thought,The first to fail and die was Patriarch Diditola。
This practitioner of the Law of Thunder,Its strength is not under the elves of hundred insects at all,Are all normal palace owners’ level。But in comparison,Hundred insects are better at defense,Restraint,But Patriarch Diditla is better at attacking。
However, the patriarch Diditola who is good at attacking,In fact, his attack completely suppressed the elves,Unfortunately he wants to win,But too impatient。
He failed to notice,After the worm’s hair bundle was forcibly broken by East,Free up。。。Or to free up your hair to attack。
Bai Chong Elf sold a flaw,Patriarch Dididola’s eyes lit up,The spear in his hand turned into lightning,Cut through the void and directly hit the body of the hundred insects。Only hear【Puff】Bang,A hole was pierced in the chest of the elves。
“Ha ha!”Even though the perch elf that was hit was pierced through the chest,But not afraid。Scale armor emerges on the right hand,Directly holding this thunder and lightning spear。The instinctive spear of the Patriarch Diditola,But missed the last chance。
An instant,The countless hairs of the worms once again turned into long worms,Entangled Patriarch Diditola。
The long worm hair of the worms swells again,Surrounded the Patriarch Diditla。Afterwards, the surface of these long insects exudes a black luster,Cross each other to form a powerful strangling force,Turns into a black cocoon and traps Patriarch Diditola。
And the formation of these long worms【cocoon】internal,Countless electric lights shine,Patriarch Dididola will naturally not wait to die,The apostle broke this trick。