Take stock of the strongest radiation in your home and avoid it!

Radiation can be divided into solar radiation, electromagnetic radiation, thermal radiation, etc. Any charged object in the house actually has electromagnetic radiation, but the intensity is different.

Once the intensity of electromagnetic radiation is too strong, it will harm human health and cause diseases.

So, what are the places or objects that emit radiation in the home?

  Microwave microwave appliances (30?
3000 MHz) 1. Microwave ovens and microwave ovens can be described as the strongest household appliances in the home. Information such as “microwave heating of food to cause cancer” has also spread to the public.

During use, the microwave oven can generate strong electromagnetic waves to heat food in a short time.

And some experiments show that when microwave ovens work, microwave radiation will occur around the door of the microwave oven. If continuous exposure to microwave radiation, people will have symptoms such as dizziness, insomnia, and headache.

However, since microwave radiation is attenuated with the increase of age, when using a microwave oven, we should stand 1 meter away from the microwave oven.

  2. Whether cell phone radiation is harmful to the human body has been continuously endless in the people.

Because the mobile phone is connected to the base station, the size of the mobile phone’s radiation is related to the distance from the base station, the user’s environment, etc. Generally speaking, the mobile phone rings the most, or the electromagnetic radiation is greatest when charging, so it is recommended to answer the phone.Listen again in seconds, wait until the call is answered, do not listen to the phone while charging.

In addition, some cottage mobile phones, in order to pursue the effect of calling, will increase the transmit power of the mobile phone, resulting in a large increase in the resulting radiation. Therefore, we better not buy a cottage mobile phone.

  Intermediate frequency appliances (below 3 MHz) 3. The blue light radiation from the computer screen can make the eyes tired, easily cause vision loss and headache; the microwave radiation generated by the computer can also cause discomfort.

First of all, the strongest radiation of desktop computers is on the back of the host, so don’t stay behind the chassis, and don’t open the chassis; while the strongest radiation of laptops is the keyboard, so it is best to use an external keyboard.

If you are worried about computer radiation, it is recommended to put a few plates of cactus next to the computer, it can effectively absorb the radiation.

  4. The magnetic field strength of refrigerators and refrigerators, but it cannot be said that it has no effect on the human body at all, and the small electromagnetic field will also bring health effects to the human body.

Refrigerators have the highest magnetic fields in the rear and below, so don’t stay behind the refrigerator.

In addition, the noise and Freon generated during the operation of the refrigerator have a great impact on people. It is best to place the refrigerator in a place where the human body has less contact.

  Conventional electrical appliances (rated at 50 Hz) 5. Electric blankets will generate electromagnetic radiation when they are energized, which will cause symptoms such as fatigue and general soreness. Power should be turned off before use.

In addition, avoid using inferior and old electric blankets to avoid electric leakage and cause electric shock accidents. The elderly, children, and paralyzed people need to take care of them in order to avoid burns.