“Cousin,I didn’t go。I’m in the room,Just me。”Guan Hao knew that his cousin was worried about his wife’s illness,Every time I call, I worry about Xia Jihan next to me,Don’t say anything straight。
“Oh,That’s good。Xiaoguan,How is the hospital contact in the US??”
“Cousin,Contacted tonight,Go to America in a month,receive treatment。”
“Why so long?”
“no way,The beds are too tight。”
“Can Xiaoxia work??”
“I consulted the doctor,The problem is not too big。Cousin,I want to hold a wedding ceremony,I’m asking my cousin after setting a good date。”
Cousin was obviously taken aback,Then he said repeatedly:“Good good,should,Xiaoguan,Speak with money,Cousin currently has some spare money。”
Guan Hao smiled,How can entrepreneurs have spare money?,They are always short of funds,Even if it’s spare money,It is also Gothic for Xiaoxia:“Good cousin,I will find you then。”Guan Hao said as he walked out,He continued:“Cousin,I let the girls talk to you。”His tone relaxed
He came to the table,Gave the phone to Xiaoxia,Said:“Cousin。”Finished,So I came to Dad’s study,Gave all the documents to dad。Then I told my father that the American hospital promised to admit his wife。
Guan Zhengfang is very excited,Said:“Great,Great,It’s saved now。”
Only about Hao knows the severity of the disease,Going to the United States to see a doctor can only mean finding the best hospital and the best doctor,Everything really depends on the operation and recovery。