Liu Xiaoyun came over and asked curiously。
“Your brother-in-law eats too much chicken legs,Upset stomach,Don’t mess with him yet。”
Shen Ruoxi hurriedly turned her head and told Liu Xiaoyun。
“what!Isn’t it!”
Liu Xiaoyun asked in surprise,A look of regret suddenly appeared on his face。
“I’m fine,I’ll just sit for a while。”
Qin Liangqiang made a smile,Said to Liu Xiaoyun with a dry smile。
“Koyuki,Come here soon!”
Liu Xiaoyun suddenly remembered something,Turn around and call Shen Ruoxue loudly。
“What’s up?”
Shen Ruoxue arrived。
“Where’s the Huamei you carry?Bring it out and give Brother-in-law a few,He has an upset stomach,It’s probably greasy to eat too much。”
Liu Xiaoyun can’t wait to say。
Only then did Shen Ruoxue know what happened,Hurriedly took out a few snacks from his pocket,Then he found out Huamei and handed it to Qin Liang……