Qin Liang exaggerated,One side rushed to the car ahead of everyone,There was a silver bell-like laughter immediately behind him……
Eleven o’clock noon。
Quietly turn around and leave from the waste collection point in the alley。
She just sold off her work income all morning,Actually got fifteen yuan!This is enough to make her feel happy,It seems that today’s labor income,Can break the previous record!Quiet and happy thinking。
Walk 200 meters from this alley to the exit facing the street,And outside the exit,Is the bustling commercial street,Which is the quiet spot“getaway paradise”。
But quiet and not anxious to start work,She needs to fill her stomach first。
Today her luck is exceptional!I just picked out a few skewers and half a piece of lamb that others hadn’t finished eating and threw in the trash can!This is for the quiet who has not eaten meat for half a year,These foods are definitely“Chinese New Year Dinner”Up!wavv
I picked my three meals a day from the street,This is absolutely impossible for us normal people to do,Because it’s so embarrassing,Too shameless,But for people like Jingan,I have no worries about this,Because of the two things of face and self-esteem,Does not belong to them!
In the face of cruel survival test,Try everything to live,Is the only issue they have to consider,Nothing else has anything to do with them。
Searched for a while,Jingan finally found a place to eat that she thought was very satisfying,That’s a garbage passage in a building,This kind of place,Except for the fixed time sanitation workers will drive the car to remove the garbage,No one will come any other time,And such a place,It is the ideal resting place for people like quiet。
In this place,Can not be seen by anyone,I won’t be rejected,Contemptuous gaze,Don’t let people see you when you eat quietly,Because the food she depends on every day,All were picked randomly on the street……
Although the lamb skewers are already cold,But it still retains the attractive fragrance,The quiet saliva is about to stay。
Chapter three thousand four hundred and fifty five Survival instinct
How long ago was the last time I ate meat?Quiet can’t remember at all,The only thing she remembers is:Meat last time,At the door of a restaurant,A young uncle probably saw her pitifully,So I bought ten meat buns for her,That meal,It’s a quiet and full meal,She actually ate all ten buns at once,Then I felt uncomfortable for the whole afternoon!
That’s the only time in the quiet years that I can’t forget“Feast”,She still seems to remember the tangy aroma of the ten meat buns to this day……And today,Finally smelled the meat again。