“No nonsense!”
Yang Shiyun immediately opened his eyes and said!
“Don’t say anymore……When i didn’t say anything!but it does not matter,plum,Next time you take Xiaoyun,Qiaoer,Xiner go,You can’t do it,They can,Hahahaha!See how smart i am!”
Qin Liang deliberately encouraged nonsense。
“Believe it or not, I kicked you to death?Don’t make any messy ideas!Looking back, these little girls take it seriously,What to do if you really do what you catch?”
Yang Shiyun is almost mad at Qin Liang……
“how is this possible!They are not idiots!How could they do such a naive thing……Hey!You all listen to me,What I just said was deliberately against your sister Shiyun,Not serious!Just smile!Don’t really do that!”
“Law is law!As long as it is legal rules and regulations,Everything must be taken seriously,You must not be willful!Did you hear me!”
Qin Liang probably thinks that he just made this joke,There is indeed a great danger……So he corrected his words solemnly,Tell the girls of the Rose Legion loudly。
“Know it!”
The girls answered one after another……
“All right,Take Xiaoyun and Meizi to work,Leave it to me here,I’ll accompany the girls。”
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