Introduction:Qingcheng School’s exclusive hidden weapon technique,Quite unique
【Horizontal knife】
category:Short knife
+50Attack intensity,+20%Knife power
Ooh,Although the name of this horizontal knife is not very good,But this attribute is really good!Added directly20%The power of the sword,This is obviously not an attribute that a normal sophisticated weapon can have.。
But it’s a pity that Du Jueming doesn’t focus on knives,So this well-deserved artifact can only be thrown out for money。
Du Jueming, who thought this cottage had been opened up, was secretly calculating the harvest this time in his heart.,A strong man suddenly appeared with a long knife。
【Tian Zhongguang】
Qi and blood:18000
Internal force:9000
Martial arts:Gale Knife
Du Jueming quietly looked at this strong man,Silently holding the long sword,And this person is not like the previous onesBOSSI usually scream when I come up,But staring at Du Jueming’s continuous accumulation of momentum。
Tian Zhongguang exhales gently,Single-handed knife,Withdraw your left foot half a step,Body slightly arched,Keep your eyes on Du Jueming,Seems to be upset at any time!
Du Jueming didn’t feel the so-called murderous aura,But I couldn’t help feeling a little nervous,Backhand holding the sword to make a defensive style。