Ban Lu is a little touched。
Then go out,Bought a cup of coffee and handed it to Kong Xi:“Thank you。”
Kong Xi was stunned,Subconsciously take over。
Gu Qiao not far away happened to see this scene,An imperceptible smile appeared at the corner of his mouth。
【Favorability+0.1,You receive a reward1000yuan。】
Lu Ban frowned slightly。
what’s the situation?
He checked the system tray carefully,System tasks have not changed,The mission goal is still Gu Qiao。
but,Shouldn’t it be Kong Xi who promotes goodwill??
This mine,Unstable!
Deputy director Zhang Hui pulled Lu Ban aside,Tell him a play:“Your performance in this scene is very important,Duan Dongfeng, you play, met a choice,Family on one side,One side is the mistress,You must grasp this degree,Show Duan Dongfeng’s entanglement。”