Some weak soul beasts consciously fled to the outside with their tails,And these soul beasts over 100,000 years did not act hastily,They feel the terrifying breath on Lin Yan’s body,So I dare not act rashly,Each one growls。
“Humanity,I can let you go by handing over the inner alchemy king!”The octopus gave a cold snort。
Lin Yan snorted coldly:“Ha ha,A hundred thousand year old soul beast dared to talk to this seat like this,Are you worthy?Hurry up,The goal of this seat is the Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea,It’s not your group of ants。”
Lin Yan’s sentence immediately made all the spirit beasts present burst into laughter:“Hahaha,This fool human,Hahaha,Boy, what do you dare to talk to us like this,Although we are all over 100,000 years old, our strength is stronger than your human Title Douluo,Even if you can barely beat our Deep Sea Demon Whale King, you are still unworthy。”
“Not bad,A kid who hasn’t grown all the hair uttered arrogant words,Sure enough, a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers,The Deep Sea Demon Whale King is the overlord of the entire sea,Even if Posey was not its opponent ten thousand years ago,Just relying on you, an eighty-level and seven-ring kid who dares to speak crazy words。I guess it’s almost the same without your god-level powerhouses。”One of the great white sharks laughed。
Lin Yan frowned deeply,Indeed,Only then did he discover that the sea god on Poseidon Island was Haier instead of Bo Saixi,In his memory, it is clearly Bo Saixi’s inheritance of the sea god,Is it because of the laws of this world that I subverted after I came into this world。
“Kid,Give you another chance to hand over the inner alchemy, we will spare you not to die!”Great white shark snorted coldly。
Lin Yan coldly looked at the seven hundred thousand-year-old soul beasts underwater,The spirit ring on his body suddenly burst into yellow, yellow, purple, black, black, red and red.,Two red spirit rings immediately suppressed several hundred thousand year spirit beasts in the water。
“One Hundred Thousand Years Soul Ring,How is it possible,This breath is rock golden monkey,And the king can’t perceive,Who are you。”Octopus roared,At this moment, all spirit beasts are staring at Lin Yan。
“Withered bones in Shu,Remember this seat Lin Yan,You acquainted with me right away,Otherwise, you will die here!”Lin Yan screamed and scared away two soul beasts with a cultivation base of 100,000 years.,And the other faces show ugly expressions。
“Third Spirit Ability,Ten thousand shots!”Tens of thousands of soul-breaking guns hovered in the air in an orderly manner,At this moment, all 100,000-year soul beasts showed fear,Even the killer whale king who is about 300,000 has an ugly expression。
“broken.Soul Breaker,You actually have a soul-breaking gun!”The great white shark tremblingly said,They feel fear when they hit the soul-breaking gun,This matter has to start from a million years。
Millions of years ago, the Tyrannical Emperor was the first powerhouse to unite the mainland and the first master of the Soul Breaker,But now only Tianyu is left to know about this,Many years ago, the Despicable Emperor made all the soul beasts of the ocean deeply remember this fear,This is the fear from blood,So the few soul beasts who saw the soul-breaking gun in Lin Yan’s hand showed ugly expressions in unison.。
Lin Yan looked at a few hundred thousand year soul beasts with ugly faces,He didn’t even remember that the soul beast was so afraid of his soul-breaking gun。
“Still not going!”Lin Yan just yelled at this opportunity,A few soul beasts showed painful expressions,If it can swallow that inner pill, it will evolve,At the beginning, the rock golden monkey absorbing some of the violent energy of the inner alchemy actually fought with the deep sea devil whale king。
“Kid,I haven’t seen you for so many years!”At this time, a wild voice rang under Lin Yan,Lin Yan’s face changed and disappeared quickly,When he dissipated, a huge whale rose into the sky,Countless sea water and some small soul beasts were swallowed into the mouth,Even one of the hundred thousand year soul beasts was swallowed into the stomach。
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