When http://www.ruihejade.cn the magician died,The generals and others plummeted,Let him break through。
“Rumbling~”A dagger mixed with flame-like grudge,Shoot http://www.dplus3c.cn out from the hands of the red-haired youth like a meteor。
The dagger hit the hard wall,The sharp blade pierced the city wall,But it seems unable to cause much damage to the four or five meters thick wall,
“Hush~”Just as the generals on the wall laughed disdainfully,In their view,The young generals in the city are strong, but strong,Beheaded their general。
But use a dagger to attack the wall?Too ridiculous。
however,They didn’t see the dagger stabbed on the wall,Still contains a strong grudge。
Next moment,The dagger made a violent explosion!The wall made of solid stone was bluntly collapsed by the explosion。
“Surrender and not kill~”
‘Giant Bear City’Soldiers rushed in,Quickly http://www.diaoyiwang.cn occupied the outer wall with an overwhelming advantage。
Although there is still a long street fighting,But the big picture is set。
And just now showed great power,The young general who defeated the city wall with one blow,But did not lead the soldiers into the city of Mengcheng,But a few easy jumps,Back to the place where our army camp was a few miles away。
“teacher!”The red-haired young man in his early twenties was taken aback,Looking at a brunette,Youth who look older。“Why are you here on the battlefield?。”