Chapter 277http://www.scdxlj.cn
The dull sound whispered around,Carrying a sharp sword intent, keep advancing,Fuming is also trying hard not to step back!
“I。。。I don’t believe in this evil!”
Grit your teeth,The arm holding Skywrath bursts with blue veins,Its long sleeves were also completely torn into pieces。
“Fuming,give up,Sword intent is not something you can resist!”
Xiao Meng who was watching the battle shouted loudly,For an ordinary cultivator,Sword intent is a powerful force that can strengthen oneself,For the enemy,Even more nightmare!
“give up?”
Fuming’s mouth pulled out a hard smile,I remembered that I detected http://www.zhaoshangzhitongche.cn the original body.
Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Eight
This battle for food has lasted more than ten minutes,Bai Ting clutched his slightly undulating belly and leaned back slightly,It’s been a long time since this feeling of http://www.sunddin.cn stomach swelling!
Bai Ting hiccups without paying attention to the image,A long sigh of relief。