A new student actually blocked the elder’s attack,This special code is too abnormal!
Elder Huang’s face eased a lot,Especially when I heard Zhao Chenglong’s name,Took a second look,Is this the person the elder ordered to take special care of?,Sure enough, something。
“Cough,You are freshmen,Why didn’t you say it earlier,I’m really sorry!”
What,what’s the situation,Elder Huang is apologizing??Apologizing to the freshman。
Some students slapped themselves directly,No dream,Why does this happen。
Elder Huang’s personality,Who doesn’t know,Even if those cowhide coax,The old students who have been in the inner courtyard for many years come,He won’t give a good face,I even apologized to the freshman today。
Since everyone apologized,Xia Chenglong won’t go to trouble specifically。
“Our first time here,Don’t know the situation here。”
Elder Huang nodded:“It takes psionic energy to enter it for the first time,You don’t have enough psionic power,Naturally can’t enter。”
“In that case,Then bother。”Xia Chenglong finished talking about leaving。
“Hold on。”Elder Huang came over,“Is it Zhao Chenglong??”
“it’s me。”
Hear definite answer,Elder Huang, who is not usually angry and prestigious, shows a smile after a long absence:“Naturally inaccessible to others,But Xiaoyou Zhao is an exception,You can go in today。”
The other side’s attitude,Even Xia Chenglong is a little confused,Let alone the classmates around。
“Well……Great elder,Can i report,Elder Huang opened a small stove。”
Some have been“special”The classmate I treated almost didn’t cry,This is too unfair, right,Why do they have such a right。