No chase behind,I slipped out of this Huating,A little breeze,Hurriedly pulled the skirt,Although there are countless high-rise buildings and the thermal effect of the city’s excessive emissions,The sky in February is still a bit chilly。Facing the sun,Moving forward,Thinking of the hypocritical resentment when Lawyer Zheng and Lu Feng shook hands last year, I couldn’t help but jump twice.,Must be very lively today。
“Hey,Don’t you jump on the road in a suit and tie, OK?。”The sliding window has fallen,From the car window, Sheng San looked at Fang Yourong a little helpless。
Looking at the nosy Sheng San,Isn’t it just can’t help but jumped twice?,So dissatisfied?but,What is Sheng San??Look at the direction of the front of the car,He just came back now?
It’s not like Yourong’s face is so gentle,The corners of Sheng San’s eyes are also tilted。
Talking is not what he meant,Going home to sleep,But at a glance there is someone jumping at the road home,And this person is still an adult,This really hinders his eyes。
Look at the front of the car,Sheng San is going home?Fang Yourongdao:“It’s all now,Don’t you go to the shipyard?”
What can I attend to that inexplicable meeting,Somewhat disinterested,Sheng San said lightly:“not going,Want to go back to sleep,……”
“Go back to sleep?But you‘Cross-industry non-official organization’Civil Observer at the Third Meeting,How can I not go?”
Looking at Fang Yourong,Sheng San, who is holding the car, slowly said:“Don’t you think the so-called‘Cross-industry non-official organization’Is the meeting ridiculous?”
“Why ridiculous?——of course,Said to be‘meeting’A little flattering,It’s actually a party,but,Is from this gathering,We made a lot of new friends we didn’t meet before,In the expression of opinions,I can also detect my shortcomings,This gathering also allowed us to provide information for silk merchants to obtain improved technology.、The researcher got the benefit,and also,It was this gathering that allowed silk merchants to make adjustments to the industrial structure、Xu Yi is also thinking about the diversification of import and export trade、Li Zhiyuan also realized his own shortcomings from it,These changes all stem from this ridiculous meeting you think,If there is no need to hold,Everyone would not participate long ago,Do you think Principal Zhang、Lawyer Zheng、Xu Yi and they are idle people??”A little dissatisfied with Sheng San’s irresponsible words,Fang Yourong, who sensed his deficiencies at this gathering and was actively preparing for further studies, was curious:“Did you really not get anything out of it?”
Looking at Fang Yourong,What did he get from it?All farce?joke?Not at all。
Look at Sheng San who was so imposing,Fang Yourong incited, “Cheer up,do you know,Principal Zhang、At the beginning of the year, Lawyer Zheng attended the expert lectures of universities,Accumulate professional management knowledge for future industrial expansion,People are busy with business,But you still want to sleep?Don’t you think it’s too much?”A gust of wind whizzed through,Fang Yourong shook her whole body,Pull the door and slide into the car:“Drive forward,do not hesitate,Give me a ride,Xu Yi and I made an appointment for a ride at the intersection ahead。”You don’t have to spend money to find a taxi if you have a ready-made car。
Sheng San looked at Fang Yourong who rushed to the passenger seat and was a little silent,Blinked and looked at Sheng San who was staring at him,Turn your face to the sun,Fang Yourongdao:“Don’t look at me like that,I don’t know anything,Believe it or not,Really。”
Tacit understanding,Finally, Sheng San turned around and drove forward。
Touch the chin,It’s so helpless to be teased by this sneaky atmosphere,Now his life is full of invisible lines,Does the warm and cold February weather herald the beginning of his new year??Seems very hard。
Punctuality is the professional ethics of professionals,I was put down by Sheng San for a while,According to the agreed time,Xu Yi will be here soon。Shaking shoulders,Get in the car,The car slipped into the traffic to the shipyard outside the suburbs。