Nets’ starting five-man Deron、Bogdanovic、Joe·Johnson、Kevin·Garnett、Brooke·Lopez’s lineup is really not weak,And the style is very restrained Knicks。
Like Deron,Xu Xuan has nothing to do with this fat man。
Relatively speaking,Xu Xuan wants to fight Irving even more、Wall、People like Walker are not willing to face this damn fat man。
After losing to the Nets,The Knicks’ record becomes9Win10negative,But for them,It’s not something worse,because,Their next opponent is surprisingly the Cleveland Cavaliers!
Xu Xuan’s home in New York。
In a closed room,Good sound insulation makes it very quiet,Except for the sound of the wind outside the window, only heavy breathing can be heard。
a long time.
Wind and rain,Xu Xuan leaned against the bedside,I don’t know what I’m thinking。