“Wait a minute。”Lai Shaozheng shook his head,“If Haozai’s injury recovers well,We can wait patiently for him to wake up……If the situation is not good,Just call the police!”
“it is good!”
Everyone nodded when they heard this。
Also at this time,The operating room suddenly opened。
A little nurse inside came out,A group of people rushed over,Scared her。
“Miss nurse,How is he?”
“Miss nurse,Haozai, is he okay??”
Everyone asked。
They all speak mandarin with crappy eastern Cantonese accent,Made Miss Nurse frown,“stop!”
After shouting loudly,Miss nurse shocked everyone,This is the slow way:“His injury has stabilized……Actually the skull is split,No big problem。But it may cause concussion,So need to observe,I will wake up probably tomorrow!”
The little nurse knew they were worried,So I finished speaking in one breath。
The riders expressed satisfaction,But also relieved。
“Thank you!thank you all!”Lai Shaozheng also took a long breath。
This time he led the team,If Haozai suddenly has three long and two short,Whatever the reason,He can’t get rid of it。