Li Hui Feng said that the first two pieces are very simple.,Li Lao wanted to laugh and smiled:“Row,no problem,But your third thing is?”
“Hey-hey,Help me to monitor a person,If you have a chance to help me abolish each other?,Of course, I want to know that ghosts don’t feel the best.,If you can’t do it,Then I will wait for me.,I am going to do。”
Chapter 514 teaches manager
Listening to Li Huifeng’s firm voice,Li Kaishan knows this thing should be the most important。
“Li boss rest assured,I personally follow this matter.,If there is a chance to shoot, I will definitely shoot,And it will definitely follow you mean,After all, do this we are professional。”
“Hey-hey,Row,That’s it.,I will take you to the engineering team for a while.,Then take you everywhere。”
Li Hui’s mouth is just how long,I took a few people to Yang Timari.,When Li Hui said the situation,Yang Tie is a glimpse,Then it is a sudden jump in my heart.。
He even felt that everything he did was doing the same as Li Hui’s eyes.。
There is no secret to the secret。
As their engineering team workers are getting better and better,Team is getting more and more,Soon, I also played a famous gas.。
Even those who have a little craft in the labor market come to Yang Tie。
But the same Yang Tie is also stared by some people.。
At first, Yang Tie is still hard.,But over time,He can only close one eye.。
When Li Hui is coming to bring people,He is also how to solve it.。
“Yang Da Ge,You are both lords.,And are both physical workers,Manage it and definitely trouble,These three big brothers are what I came.,What can I find them directly?,Of course, they have the right to go out of myself.,After all, I invited.,Not a labor relationship。”
Li Hui Feng, the meaning of this, let Yang Tieli will be misunderstood。
He mistakenly thought that Li Hui Feng deliberately said that it is not a labor contract relationship.,I really have something to do.,Take a few people directly,No matter how much。
This kind of operation he saw many times,It is also often played on TV.,But it is the first time that it is so second.。
He even felt that he was not a grade compared with Li.,When you play this, I feel that Li Hui is just that kind of natural is no flaw.。
“Hey-hey,Row,do not worry,They will never manage,But I really have a bit trouble.,You only have more and more business.,Growing more and more,Many people look at us, we are block cakes.,I want to bite a bite.,Even some people are simply coming to mix hard.,But if you rush them,They will mess with,That loss is also a good money for a few days.,So the recent thing is more and more.,If you don’t come again,I may go to you.。”
Li Hui said this,It is also frowning,He was originally coming to see,By the way, a few people in Li Kaishan still don’t have to do it.。
I didn’t expect actually to let the other party shot。
This is not what he did.。
“how many people?
Who takes the lead??
Take me to find them,There is a for me today.。”
How did Li speaks from the wind?,Even in the right track does not enter,Actually, there will be a locust to breed.。
This is not what he wants.,For such a person,He doesn’t want to be soft.。