Some things made,It is even more,People gallbling。
Think here,He coldly opens,“My friend,I want to see her.。”
“Ha ha。”
Just a word,These a collection of murders immediately laughed。
“The little girl you said,Has been sent by us to see God.。”
The crowd bombed the pot,“Be right,That chick, a person war, millivades.,Wow,Amazing。”
“Boy,You are really enough,Didn’t think that the little girl is still a young?,Hahaha,She is dead,Still call your name?。”
Narrate,The coolness of the summer scorpion suddenly cohesive,The killing moment in my heart is ready to move。
He looks to a strong white man,Cold and cold,“Douglas,Outer number,Primary level,Everyone who is killed by you,After suffering from the criterion,You will also eat people’s hearts。”
Summer voice is not high,Just this sentence just said,The original bombarded scene is quiet。
White people are obviously a,Follow,The smile on the face becomes,“Ha ha,I didn’t expect you that this kid actually knows my name.,Say,Where did you know?。”
Summer does not have a sound,View a thin oriental oriental hole。“White wolf,Also called the white eye wolf,Primary level,I heard that you kill your father’s health.,And that day,Their son,It is also your brother is just married.,You not only kill him,And let his wife abused to death,Later, I was mixed into the Western underground world.,These years have also killed a lot of people.
Skinny youth is equally。next moment,His mouth comes out,“Hey-hey……I suddenly be interested in you.,I don’t know that my things are,good,What you said is,Click one’s tongue,now think of it,I miss it.,That woman died,pain,despair,Happy and beautiful
“Ha ha。”
Heard this sentence,More than 50 people smiled again。
But this time is different from just now。
There is no half-silk smile in these murders.,Rysius and fierce eyes,I finally emerged.。
And at this time,Summer looks to a black man combing a thin strainer。“Blackfire,Western world famous madman,I used a stolen military truck,I killed twenty-five innocent people on the street,And good at torment,Everyone falling in your hand,Both being tortured,It is said that you still record your own kill in the forum.,And long
Tortor’s photo,I have read it recently.,You kill325people。”
Summer look at another person,“Killer Wang Cokekov,,Mercenary,Heavenly war,I have joined the rampant commission group in the Nine Maid Group,But you often kill ordinary people.,The result was abandoned by teammates。”
“There is also you,Codenamer,Killer list ranking sixty-eighth……”
Summer speed is getting faster and faster,The face is more cold。
these people,Be uncomfortable,Just a group of metamorphous madmen and devils!
Like this slag,Even in the Western Underground World,If it is encountered by the summer,I will also kill them without hesitation.。He didn’t expect,Some people gathered together,Take the initiative to deal with yourself。
NS393chapter I am not a good person.
Tie,I don’t know when I am silent.。
Dead and normal。
Fifty murderer’s eyes,I haven’t seen it, I haven’t seen it.、
But the murder of the violent, but it is crazy.。
Everyone is dead and staring at summer,If you want to see him。
if we assume,Summer is just a word of one or two people,They don’t care,Not going to my heart。
Can be in front of this body shape thin young youth,But I have recognized the identity of more than a dozen people.,And can clear some things they have done。
This is not simple.。
To know,They are not a gang,But by a mysterious man hired.。