Finish,Waiting for Lu Qiran,He drilled back to the car.。
子 舒 直 原 原 地,Forehead,It seems to have a touch of temperature。
Until the car leaves,She reacted,I can only suffocate,Lu Lanran this bastard is bullying her。
Yan Zi Shu has always seen the lights on the third floor after entering the door. ,The moment of walking into the gate,Zi Zi Shu suddenly found a problem,She seems to have used it to Lu Yuli to live next to the next door.。
Have him,She felt that everything around it became very beautiful.。
During this time,When you are empty, just want to do it.?
There is only one hand now,I don’t know if he took a daughter at home.。
In addition to work,I have to look at Lu Yuli.。
She is not coming to the start of a stunning laugh,Under night,Special confusion,She doesn’t seem to hate this life.。
Early next morning,Lu Yuli still got up early to send a man to go to work,I am afraid of a hollow.,He deliberately came to a little more。
He came over,子 才 just got up,I am very busy these days.,Suddenly transfer new media,She really suddenly became very busy.,I still have to go to the company early this morning.。
Waiting her own makeup,Eat breakfast out,I saw Lu Yuli standing next to the car.,Early morning sunshine,He in the morning light,Whole people。
Du Xin is sitting in the car yawn。
Pair,Lu Yuli smiled softly,In the morning,Particularly look。
“Swallow,boarding,Send you to the company。”
子 抿 抿 抿,Nothing,She walked over。
Lu Lanran opened the door,Take a bunch of roses from inside,Before the blog:“Swallow,Give you!”
See favorite roses,子 满 心 心 喜,Surprised to look at him,“So early,Where do you buy roses??”
This time now,I haven’t opened the door yet.?
Lu Yuli did not answer her question,Smile:“Like it?”
子 舒 动 动 心,Surprisingly, said a sentence:“I like it very much.!”
This morning is a good mood.。
She lowered his head,Rose flavor is very light,She likes it very much.。
She is the same as Kiki,I like roses.!“Swallow,Get on the bus。”
Lu Yuli smiled and retired one step,Looking at her and gotting the gorgeous smile,Get more soft。
子 开 心,Greeting with Du Xin。
“Du Xin,morning!”
“morning!Miss Yan。”
Du Xin smiled,A face exhausted。
People who chase their wives are clearly two less,Tired is him。
These days are really tired,This rose,He has to get back from 7 o’clock.。
子 八 八 八 半 出,Sometimes it’s earlier,He must take a door to take the door.。
The car is very stable.,子 今天 今天 今天,After driving a distance,She asked Lu Qiran:“Is it going back to take medicine on time yesterday??”
Lu Lanran:“ate!”
Blindness:“Breakfast this morning?”
Lu Yuli shook his head:“Have not eat yet,too early,Can’t eat,Waiting for you to send you back and eat。”
子 想 想 想 说:“Be,There is a good breakfast house near our company.,I invite you to eat!”