Teacher Jin said:“Don’t go to the newspaper,He retired last month。”
“Back down?”
“Yes,Retired,It’s age,No one can escape this level。”
“its not right,He should be younger than you?”
Teacher Jin smiled,Said:“Yes,He is only two years younger than me,But don’t forget,He is the leader,Is the leader,I am nothing,Of course it will work till the end。I’m almost too,Will be there next year。”
“Oh,Yes。What is Editor Ye doing now??”
“He is now hired as an adjunct professor by the journalism and communication major of Jingzhou University,In addition,And also the vice president of the Provincial Records Association,Xiaotong’s mother also quit。”
Peng Changyi said:“When Editor-in-Chief leaves, I should go see him。”
Teacher Jin said:“Then you have to call him in advance,Contact him,Don’t see anyone when you go。”
“it is good,Then you follow me。”
Teacher Jin said:“I dont go,I am too lazy to go to his house,Either this babble or that babble,I was depressed when I entered his house。Sometimes I call him out,Fishing or something。But the work he retired seems to be busier。Ugh,People used to being leaders,All this is wrong,Always worried about being forgotten by society,Always attend various events frequently,I just told him,Do something you like to do but you don’t have time to do it when you work,Back down,It’s not that life is painted with a rest,But life has just begun,I’ve long since retired。”
Peng Changyi said:“Not all people have your state,Not everyone has a hobby like you。”
Teacher Jin smiled proudly。
When the class continues,Peng Changyi can hardly concentrate on listening to the teacher。Although he has been,It’s the first time to listen to the teacher again,Although the teacher gave him a reminiscence of the past youth,But those boring theories,The usual way of lecture,How can I not let his attention,Thoughts of Peng Changyi,Was taken away by the name Ye Tong……
Peng Changyi can’t understand why Ye Tong likes one“Black foreigner”?Don’t even understand,Ye Tong is not young anymore,Why are you still doing your own way?Teacher Jin gave herself a chance to persuade her,How to persuade?
In all fairness,Ye Tong is a dare to love and hate、Dare to be a girl,She is bold,pungent,Avant-garde,Go after you like it,Just like I liked him back then,A person with a clear love and hate。
Ye Tong is not as gentle and cute as Chen Jing,Always give people an aggressive posture,This situation is even manifested in the relationship between men and women,Always enthusiastic and active,Make him feel oppressed,But the sensory stimulation it brought him,Also unprecedented。and so,When Peng Changyi and Ye Tong were together,Also very easy、Comfortable。