Like back?Then let you see what a real textbook defender is back singles!
Kobe pulls the ball down his hips and turns back,Just behind the three-point line and hit Mark Jackson!
Two consecutive hits!Kobe card to space,Quickly left foot to elbow,Reach forward,Stuck in Mark Jackson’s position,Turn around!
Step across!At Dell-Before Davis’s arrival,Throw the ball!
Back jumper,The basketball flies gently from your fingertips,Backspin,Traverse a very large arc,Fall straight into the basket。
Kobe’s face is grim,Even Mark Jackson didn’t even glance at it,Instead, he looked at Larry Brown on the sidelines。
No piston5tiger,Larry brown you are nothing!
Chapter Three Hundred and Seven Bowen’s new trick——Untie shoelaces(2/7)
“Re-enter!Kobe’s opening four of four!He showed his back skills to his heart’s content in front of Mark Jackson!He seems to be proving who is the best postback skill of the league point guard!”
“Kobe’s back skills remind me of a magician,But andMAGCIThere are many differences。”Bird stroked his smooth chin,I miss Magic Johnson, who had the first back attack skill in history。
The magician also likes to complete assists with his back,This is a bit like Mark Jackson。The difference is that Mark Jackson only used this method to get stuck in the offensive position.,Allow yourself to maintain vision and pass opportunities at all times。And magicians threaten each other more through their back,Actively tear out the vacancy,Instead of passively waiting for teammates to move。
Kobe’s back is more to complete the offense independently,After attracting multiple defensive players,Kobe may not pass the ball 100%。His style of play is somewhat unreasonable,Seems to be actively challenging the defense。Frontal defeat defense,Then led his teammates through the broken loopholes to form waves of attacks,To win the game。
Different styles,The performance of Kobe and Mark Jackson in this game is obvious to all.。
Kobe makes the complex simple,Simple but efficient offense makes Larry Brown’s defensive arrangement impossible to parry,Can only choose to pause。
“damn it,mark,You can’t prevent Kobe。Then change defense!”Larry Brown originally expected Mark Jackson,Think of him as a good way to solve Kobe。But it seems that this plan has failed,The league wants to guard Kobe,Few point guards can do it,Still have to use duen-Ferrer goes to defend Kobe。