“thanks!”Blue Xin took the side,Lighting screen,But look at the password,She looked at him an amazing him.,Ask:“Continental,password is”
“My birthday。”Lu Haocheng interrupted her words。
Blue Xin:“”
“Continental,Your birthday is”Blue Xin smiles,It’s http://www.tal-intal.cn just that smile looks very much.。
Ghost knows his birthday.?
“Like your mobile phone password。”Lu Haocheng, this is very patient telling her。
He looked up slightly,桀骜 look,Emperor,He brings up the lips of the Philippine,The evil charm smiles。
The light here is somewhat dark,But even a pair of deep scorpions,A charming color。
“0923?”Blue Xinyi,There is a very fast thing to flash in her mind.,Let her can’t catch it quickly.。
She shocked him,She remembers she woke up.,For so many years,She only remembers0923These numbers。
Besides,She loves her strawberry taste,Remaining things,Forget a two net。
Lu Haocheng’s eyes,Laughing softly:“Do you want to look at my ID card??”
Blue Xin seems to have not heard his words,0923,What kind of meaning is brought?,Why can’t she be remembered??
Lu Haozheng http://www.xingxingguotongfu.cn saw her low head,God pain,His heart is slightly tingling。
Blue,Do you really don’t remember anything??Have you forgotten your Haojia brother??
He slightly,In the dark,Concentrate。
Blue Xin shock,Did not pay attention to Lu Hao Cheng’s expression,She trembles,Clicked0923,The lock is really unlocked.。
NS197chapter:Because you don’t match a mother

NS197chapter:Because you don’t match a mother
Blue Xin, slightly, I have a flat.,Direned a small phone。
The phone will pick up quickly,Anxious voice came:“Hey!Is it a mother??”
“Um!Xiao Jun,When my mother went out, I met a thing.,Maybe not coming back this evening.,Do you dare you at home alone??”Blue Xin is also worried about his son,Can Xiaojun always understand,His alone is at home,There should be no problem。
“Mother,What have you??Is it injured??Do you call Max Uncle??”Xiao Jun’s voice is very urgent,I can’t hate it immediately to my mother.。
“Xiao Jun,Don’t call Xi Xi,this late,Don’t bother him.,Is him very??
Mom assured you,Mom is fine,Just a friend who wants to accompany your mother.”
Blue Xin calm the son for a while,Blue Lu Jun believed her words.。
hang up the phone,She also gave her mobile phone to Lu Haozheng,After saying a thank you,Enter the ward。
Lu Haocheng looked at her back,I haven’t returned for a long time.,Gray light,Have his stole。
Xiao Jun wants Le Zhenxi??
Is it in their heart?,Le Zhenxi is like a father.。
Lu Haocang said that there is a taste of the heart,He is a little tired, 揉 揉 自己 双,Quietly sitting quietly,when you are alone,He is still cold and proud。
Blue Xin goes,Looking at white sheets and quilt。
Looking at Shen Jiaqi still desperate eyes,She sighs slightly。
So Shen Jiaqi,Let her think of himself seven years ago,Lying in the hospital,It is also desperate,Born。
Blue Xin asked:“What uncomfortable place you can?Child is saved,You are fine,I am relieved.。”
Shen Jiaqi has some demo,Watching her eyes without God,“You can not meet,Why save me?。”
1Bed,Be rely on the door,The window is Lu Haozheng sitting a bench,I heard the sound from the inside。
Lu Haocheng eyebrows are close,She actually jumped into the river to save a person who didn’t know.?