You can also cross the star to Mars。
for him,I am afraid it is simple.。
“good,This is the difficulty,The darkness in the stars。”Golden wheel returned to the words:“A little accidentally,It is buried in it.,And generally like the master of their level will not easily get the future generations.,Inevitable to set up heavy difficulties,All people use nuclear bombings,This is almost a treasure,But there are many things in it.,Not respect for the sages,And some fried does not necessarily。”
“What you said is good,However, there is a lot of earth mountains.?”Lin Feng suddenly。
“This cannot be general,For example, Lin President,Spelling words unaudited,If you are a fairy,You can’t leave the earth,Because there are a lot of things on the earth to make you unable to cut。”Golden wheel release。
“makes sense。”Lin Feng big hands,Stretching the nine people directly,And hidden into the arms,The mysterious light disappeared directly.,The map is also directly received by Lin Feng.。
“Old gold,What is your home??”At this time, the Tiger Wang looked at the two.,Immediately spit out several golden big fields,With a face。
NS1009chapter Baihu has a new breakthrough
“Which is my family??”The gold wheel looks at this tiger king to spit a few words.,The heart is hitting a bad premonition。
“The gods have a white tiger.?”Tiger driver smiled and spit out a few words。
“White tiger?”Golden wheel returned to the laughter:“The white tiger beast has left。”
“left?”The Tiger King heard a very ugly look at the face of the original treacherly.,The eyes are dead and staring at the golden wheel back。
“This white tiger already has a new breakthrough.,We can’t stay in Tianfeng。”Golden wheel laughs and laughs:“Moreover, it controls a soldier,Now there is no one to control it throughout the day.!”
“Oh,Then forget it,Uver looks it is similar,Murong wants to take back to teach one,But I don’t want it to leave.,That is, it’s not this fate.。”Tiger King spit a few words。
“Thanks to Kings,Tiger King,do not worry,I found its trace,I must tell this person.,Let Lin brother will tell you。”Golden wheel backward。
“no need,It and I don’t have time,Have a different meeting!”Tiger King spit a few words。
“wipe!”Lin Feng looked at Tiger King Depressed Face,Suddenly,This tiger king is ready to vibrate his tiger waist.,But I can’t think of the mother’s mother.。
“All right,Lin brother,Tiger,Don’t talk to talk here,Enter the Optimus,I have already arranged a preparation of wine.。”Jinhe return haha smiles。
“it is good,Today, I will drink a lot of happiness.!”Lin Feng heard the words。
Golden wheel smiles:“It is a wine made of millennium,Millennium。”
“Such a beautiful wine,Then thank you for your brother.,Please!”Lin Feng smiled and said。
The gold wheel returned to the words and walked up.,His figure has moved to Qing Tianfeng,The pace is sweeping in the void,Lin Feng and the Tiger King followed behind the golden wheel,Several scenes around the respiration。
Like it appears in the original forest。
Ancient wood ginseng,Ancient buildings in the mountains,Pavilion House,Waterfall flows through the sound from the mountain,Various birds walk around the mountain,Strong breath flows during the mountain,There is also that strong life atmosphere comes from the mountain.。
This is the breath of the millennium blood group。
Hundreds of years of ginseng for hundreds of years,The forest is even growing, I don’t know how many wild ginseng.,Heaven and earth aura here is more rich。
“Qing Tian Feng is really a world of fairyland!”Lin Feng looked around the scenery,I really didn’t say this.。
This is probably similar to Tang family.,Operated hundreds of thousands of years,The accumulated resources are not a general gold forces.。
“Lin brother,This is the benefits of the era.,When the god teacher was established in this Optimus,Just down to death,That is the ginseng on this Optimus,Blood ginseng must grow to full。”The gold wagon refers to this mountain channel.:“You see these blood ginseng,Ginseng,Many of them are planted hundreds of years ago.,Rear people dig a ginseng,Must be planted,Including birds and beasts in this mountain,Generally can’t kill,If you want to kill,Also appropriate。”The gold wheel refers to this mountain explanation。