7 HPV tests in your life to stay away from cervical cancer

Worldwide, the average age of cervical cancer patients is 55 years, but the average age of Chinese patients is 45 years, 10 years earlier, and 13 years earlier than China’s last century.

Some young patients even develop cervical cancer at the age of 17.

What is the reason?

Look at how Cao Zeyi, a leading figure in the Chinese maternity industry, interpreted it.

  From November 5 to 6, the annual meeting of the Guangzhou Medical Association’s Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch was around Guangzhou.

At this meeting, the leading figure in the Chinese maternity industry, former Deputy Minister of National Health, Professor Cao Zeyi of the Chinese Medical Association, interpreted the latest “Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Gynecological Oncology”, and pointed out that the average age of female cancer patients in China is earlier than in the last centuryIn 13 years, the number of female sexual partners increased, and early sexual behavior was the main cause.

  Rejuvenating cervical cervical cancer “Sex partners, the body can not clean a variety of HPV viruses” Professor Cao Zeyi said: “Infection with HPV (human papilloma virus) is the culprit of cancer in women, patients are infected through sexual life.

“In fact, we can be infected with the HPV virus all over our body, but only the moist environment around the vulva is suitable for its growth and reproduction.

So you can get HPV virus through sex.

  Everyone knows that the vagina has a certain self-cleaning ability, and why is HPV not cleaned out of the body?

Cao Zeyi said that there are many types of HPV virus. If women have fixed sexual partners, the type of HPV virus they are exposed to is relatively fixed.

Under these conditions, if you have a good body and strong immunity, the body can drive out the HPV virus within one year.

However, if there are many sexual partners, the body has many different types of HPV, which makes it difficult to clean itself.

At present, the sexual experience of Chinese people is advanced in advance, and the number of sexual partners has increased, leading to the onset of cervical cancer.

  In addition, if I do not pay attention to hygiene and provide conditions for the virus to a certain extent, the decline in my body resistance is also one of the causes of the disease.

  Cao Zeyi specifically pointed out that smoking among women has also become one of the predisposing factors for the rising prevalence of cervical cancer, because smoking can cause physical resistance to decline.

At present, the comparison of male smokers among Chinese smokers has declined, but the number of female smokers is increasing, which is some places.

  Prevention is 100% preventable. “There is no vaccine in mainland China, insist on 7 inspections in a lifetime.” Civilians have stated that “semen can cause cervical cancer” and “vaginitis can cause cervical cancer.”HPV virus infection is the main cause of cancer, so the prevention of cervical cancer lies in the prevention of HPV infection.

  At present, cervical cancer vaccines have been available abroad, and one dose of vaccine can be administered for ten years.

Vaccines are indeed a means of fundamentally preventing cervical cancer.

However, no cervical cancer vaccine was produced in China before. Therefore, too many citizens in mainland China have specially injected vaccines in Hong Kong.

Cao Zeyi believes that the type of HPV virus infection in China is different from that in foreign countries. 70% of foreign patients are infected with HPV16 and HPV18, and the vaccine is also targeted at this type.

  He believes that China needs a large-scale patient survey.

As early as 2003, the “China Cervical Cancer Prevention Project” was previously established, and a budget is currently being prepared with a budget of no more than 1 billion to provide resources and human support.

The project plans to conduct a census of 600,000 people to understand the number, age, occupation, and ethnicity of patients with cervical cancer.

Therefore, he called for donations from all walks of life to understand the status of cervical cancer, and to develop a vaccine suitable for the disease at an early date.

  At present, physical examination is still the only way to detect cervical cancer at an early date.

The occurrence of cervical cancer has a long process, from caries caused by HPV infection to cancer, with an average of 6?
In 8 years, if found early, treatment is simple and does not cause cancer.

Cao Zeyi suggested that after the women have started sex, they should insist on cervical cytology and HPV testing 7 times in their lifetime: if the first physical examination is negative, re-examination after one year.

If the re-examination is negative, then a physical examination will be performed after two years, and so on, each time interval will be increased.

If the results of the seven tests are negative, you can leave the threat of cervical cancer forever.

If the HPV test is positive, you need to pay great attention to it and follow the doctor’s order before handling it.